My name is E. Lee Stover. I’m 61 years old and retired. Where this great country of ours is headed is a great concern of mine. But my faith in Jesus Christ keeps me going.

That being said, there are many things in this world of ours that really make my head spin! What kind of stuff are they trying to get by with in Washington DC ? What kind of crap is this? We live in the greatest country ever to exist on the face of this planet, of that there is no doubt. But exactly where are we headed?

Also, if there is anything you would like to see discussed here, or have any questions for me, feel free to contact me! I’d be glad to hear from ya! So I hope to comment on these and other things, or anything else that may pop into this shiny dome of mine, at least once a week or so. So I hope that lots of people enjoy listening to my rantings! Please feel free to roam around for a while, if there is anything you want to say, do so, speak long, and be PROUD you are an AMERICAN!!!


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